Detective Ralph Friedman
Beyond the Line of Duty
Detective Ralph Friedman
New York City Police Department
February 1970 to December 1983
Detective Ralph Friedman has been awarded in
excess of 219 New York City Police Department
medals including the prestigious "Combat
Cross"  medal. He also was awarded an
additional 31 other assorted awards (including
Community Council, PBA, Shomrim Society, and
many other Fraternal awards) he has personally
made over 2,000 arrests (including 60 off-duty
collars and 31 bribery arrests) and assisted on
approximately 6,000 additional arrests.
Going Beyond the Line of Duty his entire career
being involved in 15 shooting incidents in which
he had to shoot a total of eight people. Four of
those died and all of them either shot at him,
attempted to stab him, or shot at and wounded
one of his partners (Kal Unger took 6 bullets and
needed 72 pints of blood in three hours to save
his life.)
Gal Padeh/9 North Productions recently produced a DVD
with his career bio, (loaded with photos, articles and actual
Medal Day footage from when he was awarded the
prestigious Combat Cross medal, (click link below to view)
Ralph Friedman Bio Video